Ralph Illidge Sanctuary
Flora and fauna team
 In 2001 members of the Trust for Nature Flora and Fauna team visited the Ralph Illidge Sanctuary to survey the plants and animals. Potoroos and bush rats were some of the species that were attracted to the baits that were used to lure animals inside the box traps. Also surveyed were the many plant species and birds that abound in the Sanctuary. Some of the more prominent and rare species are the Long Nosed Potoroo, the Powerful Owl and the Rufous Bristlebird. Also seen were a number of koalas that have until recent years been extinct in the area.
The group also set hair tubes, which are traps that catch the hair from animals that are attracted into them and these are later tested to determine the exact species present. The hair tubes are less work for the members and are less intrusive but don't give an indication of actual animal numbers. By conducting regular surveys of plants and animals, the group is able to get an idea if numbers are increasing or declining and the possible reasons for it.

   Click me to find my survey results                                        Click me to find my survey results Bentwing Bat Prickly Moses (Acacia verticillata

The Sanctuary is CLOSED on days of total fire ban.

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